Think, for example, of reminders and reactivation campaigns. Which email campaigns use live or dynamic content (such as appointment Georgia Phone Number List details, countdown, and location)? Are you currently doing list clearing based on opens?

Longer Pure have questions

If you use STO ( send time optimization ) check with your ESP what they are doing now to be able to maintain this later. Have you done this first impact scan? Then you can see which actions you can take immediately and which you might want to wait with. Do you have questions? Then put them below. We are happy to help you!

Georgia Phone Number List
Georgia Phone Number List

This article was written together with Kim de Klerk (100%EMAIL), Noortje Berrevoet (RapidSugar), and Wouter Steenkist (email campaigns), all members of the DDMA E-mail Committee. How do you ensure more subscribers and conversion? Ready to improve your digital newsletter? Delve into the world of subject lines and conversions and learn how to increase open and click rates.

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