For this reason, it is necessary to identify the Spain Phone Number List sources from which the obstructive power emanates in order to gradually deactivate its influence. Undoubtedly, without being its last instance, the power acts in a manifest way on different institutional springs to exercise its veto capacity. Among these are the constitutional texts, the laws and the co-option of their interpreters, the hermetic Spain Phone Number List judicial enclave over which the people do not have (with honorable exceptions) any elective power. In the same way, the mass-owned press media construct the scenarios on which the illegitimate ambitions of private power over the whole are asserted on a daily and omnipresent basis, while various armed Spain Phone Number List forces act as gatekeepers of that imposed order.

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The factor that gives Spain Phone Number List consistency and direction to this disastrous network is capital, today financial, multinational, unproductive and highly concentrated, to which must face the primary responsibility for the dire state of affairs. The need for a multidimensional democracy In view of the above description, traditional liberal democracy, which served the bourgeois rise in the 18th century against the tripartite colonial regime of the crowned heads, the Spain Phone Number List aristocracy, and the clergy, is currently insufficient for social growth. For this reason, it is not at all accidental that US imperialism, heir and manager of colonial power in capitalist hands, identifies with the imposition of this type Spain Phone Number List of democracy, which is not even fully valid in its own country.


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A new concept and a new practice of Spain Phone Number List democracy must be consolidated: a multidimensional democracy that allows the intimate structures in which the concentrating, anti-popular and neocolonial impulse subsists to take on other characteristics or simply be supplanted. The main attribute of a multidimensional, real and structural democracy is the equitable distribution of power in Spain Phone Number List all its instances, be they institutional, communicational, economic, gender or any other type. In strictly political terms, active, leading and permanent popular participation is essential, in the direction of a decentralized and federative self-government that includes gender and generational parities together with an oiled elective and consultative mechanism that allows effective advocacy and compliance with the Spain Phone Number List agreements made.

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