As far as the Latin American left is Paraguay Email List concerned, we have to take charge of our inability to propose concrete policies, economic and social paradigms that give life to new models that are clearly alternative to those that fragment and destroy the social fabric because they refuse to disappear. Latin American progressivism, for Paraguay Email List example, already gave what it could give and encountered its difficulties and failures precisely because the model it proposed had too many dependencies and similarities – political and economic – with the Paraguay Email List system it was supposed to modify, including its distancing from the subjects. social organizations that had brought him to the government, who realized his limitations.

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Electoral defeats, such as those Paraguay Email List that occurred in Argentina, have their roots in this unresolved dilemma. A brief analysis of the demands expressed in the streets of Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, among other countries of the continent, clearly indicates that the new generations are demonstrating against the deterioration of the environment, in favor of peace, against the degradation of the Paraguay Email List Justice and disrespect for Human Rights. Its slogans are expressed in favor of the specific rights of women and for the most unrestricted freedom in sexual, reproductive and gender matters. The exacerbation of exploitation and the violence of the system Paraguay Email List that accompanies it.


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Herald new explosions of popular Paraguay Email List rebellion and the irate demand for a new concept of democracy, which must be deliberative, decentralized and truly representative. A democracy that is not functional to the capitalist system and that is capable of listening to the demands of the new social, generational, gender, Afro-descendant and indigenous peoples’ demands. A democracy where society Paraguay Email List is capable of self-governing, regulating and regulating itself. It is true that we are facing a crisis, which in the Gramscian sense is expressed because “the ruling class has lost consensus.” That is to say, it is no longer a leader, but only a dominant one: the holder of a pure coercive Paraguay Email List force. Bolsonaro, Piñera and Bukele provide us with the explanation.

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