According to analyst Galo Amusquivar, it is Lebanon Email List necessary to analyze the massive March for the Homeland and the demands it posed along its long journey of 200 kilometers from the town of Caracollo to the city of La Paz. This mobilization, in addition to respecting Lebanon Email List the 55% of the vote that gave Luis Arce Catacora of the Movement to Socialism MAS as the winner in the 2020 presidential elections, also demanded justice for the victims of the bloody coup in 2019, at the head of Jeanine Áñez and his collaborators, of whom there are a few serving Lebanon Email List preventive detentions in prisons.

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Apparently the March for the Lebanon Email List Homeland had its immediate effect, once again it is shown that the power of social mobilization is essential for justice to comply with the times determined in the norm, and in this sense we can say that “justice takes, but it comes ”, especially in the Lebanon Email List case against Jeanine Áñez. At the end, let’s see the contributions of the writers Camila Vollenweider and Gabriela Montaño, who see the following distinctive elements in the March for the Homeland: The March showed popular firmness in the face of the coup: the powerful “one Lebanon Email List millionth” march that concluded in La Paz, collectively shouted that the coup will not happen;


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That the democracy that was Lebanon Email List recovered at the polls is respected. Another concordant demand towards the political leaders was that of justice and reparation to the victims of the coup d’état. The march showed unity. Headed from the beginning by Evo Morales, but closely supported by Arce and David Choquehuanca, it also showed that the normal differences within a government Lebanon Email List administration do not count when the threats of destabilization and coup become real. The March evidenced that there was national plurality, since the social component of the march said a lot. It was not only the MAS, it was not only government officials sent to “make Lebanon Email List a big deal”.

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