And especially if they have already placed their products in. The shopping cart but leave the website for one reason or another. That’s where email marketing and (dynamic) remarketing come in. Visitors can leave your website for various reasons: they are browsing and therefore not ready to place an order, a technical problem occurred, they encountered uncertainties regarding payment or delivery and so on.

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To ensure that you do not lose these people, you can set up an abandoned shopping carts email campaign for this. With this you remind people of the products that are still waiting for them, you offer them the opportunity to order the products directly or to change the contents of the shopping cart and you can immediately remove the possible uncertainties. To be able Colombia WhatsApp Number List to e-mail website visitors, you must of course have their e-mail address. Amazon takes a smart approach to this, and immediately asks for the visitor’s email address when they go to the checkout. Screenshot of how Amazon asks for your email address.

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No worries! With remarketing, you show display ads to people who have previously visited your website but did not complete their purchase. With dynamic remarketing you go one step further. It shows you the exact product that people have previously viewed on your website but have not (yet) purchased. The advantage of remarketing is that you do not need email addresses.

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