Gigabytes of data, although only 22 percent of that. Information called big data is useful according to internationalist.- it is expected that by 2020 there. Will be more than 44 trillion gigabytes of data although only. 22 percent of that information called big data is useful. So it is expected that within. 5 years big data will exceed 37 percent worldwide. According to data from the consulting firm idc. Related notes: learn about the advantages. Of big data in marketing three secrets for the success. Of big data in the business field what is telemarketing. And why is it important in the era of big data? This trend is becoming increasingly essential for companies. Since detailed information. Is required to study the consumer’s. Profile their needs tastes etc for this reason. Access to large volumes of data becomes essential to. Interpret user behavior and thus offer. Products and/or services completely.

However, the Fear That Internet Users Have About Their Private

Data persists since the use that brands give to that. Information is not known for sure. This is where three main factors that internet users. Fear arise 1. Improper use of information. Skepticism is more common among older adults as millennials trust. The age of technology even though privacy and. Data protection can be affected if it falls into. The wrong hands 2. Cyber crime there is so much personal. Information found online and so detailed. That online thefts are the Jamaica B2b List order of the day. By a professional hacker or an unethical. Company 3. Espionage having total and absolute control.

Of a User Is Much More Accessible Today, Knowing His Current

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Location address and status at all times makes people. Very fearful of what might happen even in a reality. Outside of the web in short everything translates. Into privacy users do not feel comfortable with how. Public their “private” life can become. However, this trend will continue to rise because. For brands this type of information can make a difference. And grant competitive advantages. Therefore, the culture on the use of big data. Must be increasingly confidential and. Cared for by those who use it.

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