Funk-e has come up with a framework that you can use to determine which stats to use for your internal communication. It Lebanon Phone Number  combines the model above with the relevant tools. Measurement strategy. The Measuring Framework Photo of the book ‘Communicating Change. Transforming Internal blabla into digital aHa’ Data to optimize your internal communication Good communication takes time. On average, your target audience needs to see a message seven times before they even remember what you’re saying. This also applies to your internal communication.

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Check your collected data regularly to see if you are reaching your target audience and if the message is getting through. Suppose all employees in the organization have to start using a new system. Then you can Lebanon Phone Number  look at data such as: are the emails I send opened, are the links clicked? But also: do colleagues read my message on the intranet? If so, you can look at data such as: how many colleagues logged in to the new system in the past week? If you see an upward trend in both, then you know that the internal communication is working. That you are on the right track.

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Then keep on communicating in this way. If you see in your data that your communication is not being read. Is being Lebanon Phone Number  read but that this has no effect. It is time to look at how you can activate employees. Just like with an external marketing campaign.

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