It is to use the existing spaces of the Saint Lucia Email List old democracy to create a new institutionalist. Thus, then, abandoning the banners of a claim by broad sectors of the citizenry and renouncing to equip themselves with an updated Constitution, is to want to move towards a new Saint Lucia Email List society by resorting to old instruments, which raises doubts about the possible results. Another element for reflection is that the recent electoral campaigns and their speeches express a distance between the citizen contingents who proclaim their needs with street protests and the progressive Saint Lucia Email List and / or left-wing candidates. There are several misunderstandings contained there.

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On the one hand, the parties and organizations Saint Lucia Email List do not realize that the sectors mobilized in the street protests distrust them and the party system as a whole. On the other hand, when the parties propose that the demands be channeled through an electoral struggle, they make the mobilized feel that they are not represented and, rather, conclude that the parties are closing ranks and taking Saint Lucia Email List advantage of the system. This sort of “disavowal” of the forms of street fighting and the imperative to support an electoral formula, partly explain situations such as the first round of the presidential elections in Chile, which were surprising due to a notorious difference in participation Saint Lucia Email List between the votes that led to the Constitutional Convention and support for the candidacy of Gabriel Boric.


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Just as progressive governments, beyond their good Saint Lucia Email List intentions and wishes for change, distance themselves from their bases in the exercise of acquired power, there is also a mutual disaffection between the candidates and those mobilized. This leads us to some first provisional conclusions: The transformative struggles in Latin America have to go beyond the search for electoral victories, for Saint Lucia Email List which it is necessary to transgress the existing democratic spaces, walk at the pace that the popular majorities walk and accompany their forms of struggle. Understand electoral battles as a tactical step and not as an end in itself. Future Latin American and Caribbean democracy will not emerge from the results of the polls. It will be the result of the left-wing political parties meeting again in a common battle with the Saint Lucia Email List mobilized masses on the continent.

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