Faced with the massive clamor of the Trinidad and Tobago Email List citizens and the system’s disapproval of the inactivity, passivity and complicity of politicians, a group of patriotic soldiers, attentive to the situation created, produced two uprisings during 1992 to express their support for popular sentiment. The first of these, carried Trinidad and Tobago Email List out on February 4 under the leadership of Hugo Chávez Frías, an unknown lieutenant colonel of Special Forces, raised the fighting spirit, pointed a different path and placed Chávez on the pedestal of future battles that were to take place. ensue. As never before in the history of Venezuela a leader took responsibility for a Trinidad and Tobago Email List failure, but this time, Chávez and his companions went to jail.

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The same afternoon that day in a Trinidad and Tobago Email List special meeting of Congress, former President Rafael Caldera emerged from the shadows so that, with the opportunism of any despicable traditional politician, and using a vibrant speech in which he called to review the true causes of the uprising, seized the role Trinidad and Tobago Email List of the action that had shaken Venezuelan society to the ground. Two years later, Caldera was elected president of Venezuela. The similarity of the situation of both countries is given because in Chile, as of October 18, 2019 – as in Venezuela during the “curacao” – the country was shaken by a great popular movement to repudiate the Trinidad and Tobago Email List continuing neoliberal system of the dictatorship.


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The massive protest was an Trinidad and Tobago Email List expression of the feelings of a tired people after 30 years of exclusion and impoverishment, particularly of the poorest sectors of the population. The response of President Piera – like that of Carlos Andrés Pérez thirty years ago – was a brutal repression with the aggravating factor that he contributed a new technique consisting of the police forces shooting Trinidad and Tobago Email List in the eyes to blind the protesters, thus exposing a novel attribute of representative democracy. It is worth saying that the bullets managed to take away the physical vision of the protesters wounded in their eyes, but they could not affect the political vision, the fighting spirit and the Trinidad and Tobago Email List pure soul of the majority, as evidenced by Senator.

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