A simple question, but straightforward. Candidates who have never thought about this before often have difficulty with a convincing answer. “Because I like creating ads on Instagram” or “because I believe there are many opportunities.” These aren’t the answers Bahrain Phone Number List you hit a home run with. You’re more likely to look for this type of response.

With It mistake is a challenging

I like the idea of ​​measuring things like engagement and bottom-line results. Seducing people with my own creations and ideas, seeing how they react, that’s what’s interesting. Or if it doesn’t work: look at data, ask for feedback and see how things can be improved. Making a mistake is a challenging opportunity to grow.

Bahrain Phone Number List
Bahrain Phone Number List

For me, digital marketing is the place where psychology and analytical thinking come together. A cocktail that I am happy to order.’ There are a variety of ways in which enthusiasm shows itself. From the first email to the I-wonder-if-you-have-decided-something-phone call. You certainly recognize genuine enthusiasm.

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