On the other, there are the broad Papua New Guinea Email List sectors of the population that react with legitimate violence, pressured by the accelerated deterioration of their living conditions and the institutional inability to offer solutions. In the electoral sphere, this contradiction is expressed by the high abstention rates and by the drift of depoliticized sectors towards frankly fascist positions. The growing Papua New Guinea Email List generational refusal to participate in the traditional modalities of political life and the search for other forms of militancy and / or incidence in the life of society also deserve a more detailed analysis. Youth sectors, of popular extraction or with a sense of class, instead of the military in parties prefer to confront the media discourse of the right, resorting to the speed of digital technology to Papua New Guinea Email List propose, reject or support specific demands.

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It is a kind of militancy Papua New Guinea Email List that combines the intensive use of social networks with acts of street protest that are characterized more by the high degree of violence and rejection of the system than by an organization with a long-term vision. Gramsci argues that the modern prince cannot be a person, or a personal hero, but a political party, a complex social organism in which the realization of a Papua New Guinea Email List recognized collective will begins, and whose history is not reduced to the history of restricted groups of intellectuals or the biography of a single personality. In the current conditions of the class struggle, and because Papua New Guinea Email List of the character it has assumed with the emergence of new social actors of change.


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The modern collective Papua New Guinea Email List prince must be found both in political parties and in social movements, wherever permanent feedback is what is required. that grants the transformative and democratic character. In the long cycles of the historical process, the principles must be understood as provisional in their Papua New Guinea Email List formulations, since they were thought for a stage of social relations that change over time. Ideological strength should not be confused with dogmatism. Ideological strength consists in being able to adapt the principles to the historical moment without betraying its essence. The institutions and their representatives will have to Papua New Guinea Email List answer for the institutional failures indicated.

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