Calvo (ally of the coup leader Myanmar Email List Fernando Camacho) began an indefinite strike with roadblocks. The excuse for the strike lies in the rejection of a package of measures, mainly Law 1386 on the Legitimation of illicit profits and financing of terrorism. The objective is to carry out another coup and / or create a climate of Myanmar Email List such ungovernability that it causes the resignation of Luis Arce, not without mounting internal discussions and strong political disputes between the main political figures of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS-IPSP ). The indefinite strike is part of a destabilizing onslaught that began with the electoral defeat of the MAS during the Myanmar Email List subnational elections last March.

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Several coup plotters triumphed there Myanmar Email List electorally, including the leader Fernando Camacho. For their part, Arce and Choquehuanca together with the Tupac Katari federation and the Bartolina Sisa organization, announced a town hall on November 14 in La Paz in defense of democracy. For his part, Evo Morales announced a march for November 23 from Oruro, which plans to arrive in La Paz Myanmar Email List on November 29. Let’s look at some elements of the March. According to analyst Galo Amusquivar, it is necessary to analyze the massive March for the Homeland and the demands it posed along its long journey of 200 kilometers from the town of Caracollo to the Myanmar Email List city of La Paz.


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This mobilization, in addition to Myanmar Email List respecting the 55% of the vote that gave Luis Arce Catacora of the Movement to Socialism MAS as the winner in the 2020 presidential elections, also demanded justice for the victims of the bloody coup in 2019, at the head of Jeanine Áñez and his collaborators, of whom there are a few serving preventive Myanmar Email List detentions in prisons. Apparently the March for the Homeland had its immediate effect, once again it is shown that the power of social mobilization is essential for justice to comply with the times Myanmar Email List determined in the norm, and in this sense we can say that “justice takes, but it comes ”, especially in the case against Jeanine Áñez.

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