The drastic measure was not expected by Sierra Leone Email List jurists who make the technical defense of the founder of Wikileaks. A decision was expected in accordance with the constitutional and customary tradition of British justice, jealous of fundamental guarantees, but, surprisingly, the Sierra Leone Email List judges of the court disqualified the humanitarian arguments of Judge Vanessa Baraitser to entrust the executioners with the guardianship of the life of a martyr of the right to information and the truth. Among the promises of the US accusers is to secure medical and psychological treatment in ordinary prison, avoiding Colorado’s Supermax, described by a Sierra Leone Email List former director as “the clean version of hell” and a “fate worse than death”.

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Eventually, prosecutors Sierra Leone Email List guarantee, the sentence could even be served in the accused’s home country, Australia. Similar promises had already been made, for example, in the Abu Hamza case, an episode narrated in Judge Barrister’s sentence showing that promises were dramatically broken. The condemned Sierra Leone Email List man, a man with amputated hands, was deprived of prostheses that allowed him to brush his teeth, practice intimate hygiene, clean his cell and other dignified tasks. The prisoner convicted of crimes of terrorism went Sierra Leone Email List so far as to open a tin can with his teeth.


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The drastic decision also Sierra Leone Email List disregards that Assange has been treated exceptionally throughout the tour since he brought to the world the knowledge of war crimes and US espionage strategies. At the last hearing, the activist was treated like a dangerous animal. On the day set for the trial, after being searched naked and having breakfast, he was transported in chains to the courtroom and Sierra Leone Email List presented to the public in a glass case. Without direct access to lawyers, he was allowed to write notes and kneel to pass them to defenders through a crack in the floor. After the hearing, he was returned to Belmar’s Prison, known as British Guantanamo. But that’s just the current Sierra Leone Email List phase of the persecution.

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