he United States has used its Kenya Email List control of the global financial system and its vast military to inflict damage on countries around the world, in contravention of the Charter of the United Nations. The aim of the Summit is not only to suggest – against all evidence – that the United States is a flourishing democracy, but also to use the sublime idea of ​​democracy to fuel the hybrid war imposed by the United States against its adversaries (especially, China Kenya Email List and Russia, but also Cuba , Iran and Venezuela ). It is a crude and cynical abuse of democratic ideals, which should be mobilized to enhance all human potential rather than become an instrument of war. The Kenya Email List world already has a regular summit of democracies. It’s called the United Nations General Assembly.

Leveling The Playing Field

Each year it opens its session in Kenya Email List September, where heads of government come to offer their perspective on the dilemmas facing humanity. What unites the UN General Assembly is not the whim of this or that powerful nation, but one of the most fundamental documents in the history of mankind: the Charter of the United Nations., adopted in June 1945 by the fifty-one countries that founded it. Today Kenya Email List there are 193 member countries of the UN, all signatories to the Charter. Every state in the UN system is obliged to follow the Charter, making it the largest consensus document on the planet. Article 2 is clear on two points: (1) that the UN is based on “the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Kenya Email List Members”; and (2) that UN members “will settle their international disputes by peaceful means.”


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The means are specified in Chapters VI and Kenya Email List II of the Charter, with the explicit indication that no country should attack another unless there is a UN Security Council resolution to act: no action can be taken without the authorization of the UN. Meanwhile, the United Kenya Email List tates has applied a harmful blockade against the sovereign people of Cuba since 1961. This blockade is illegal and has been from the beginning, as it is not authorized by the UN Charter. As a result, members of the UN General Assembly have voted in overwhelming numbers for the US to Kenya Email List lift the illegal blockade it has imposed for the past three decades. This year, 184 countries voted against the United States.

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