For the globalist administration, from the Paraguay Phone Number List Obama administration to that of Biden, through NATO, the crisis in Ukraine is the instrument to prevent by all means that the EU – Europe – consolidates its articulation in the Multipolar World project. And, therefore, the recovery Paraguay Phone Number List of the strategic unity of Europe. To do this, in the first place, Globalism through NATO with a base of support in Poland and Ukraine, seeks to sabotage with “all means” the concrete implementation of the Nordstream-2 Gas Pipeline, The Globalist Initiative called Climate Paraguay Phone Number List Crisis or Green Alternative has entered a moment of terminal crisis.

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Because the actors-and-interests that promoted them Paraguay Phone Number List have lost the initiative, their “forces” have dispersed and internal conflicts are even developing that acquire each more and more relevance. This, on the other hand, manifests itself as a return of the nations of the global Paraguay Phone Number List south to an industrial and energy agenda with their own initiative in the framework of ascending Multipolarism. For this reason, the “shutdowns” of fossil energy supply in Europe, which is already exposed to the first cold waves, are Paraguay Phone Number List transformed into forces that mobilize, block and generate new situations and scenarios.


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where these ascendant actors emerge and Paraguay Phone Number List are consolidated. even including new ones. For this reason, the threats of war operations from NATO do not go beyond its disorderly withdrawal in Afghanistan and reveal its loss of capacities to project economic, technical-military, economic Paraguay Phone Number List power of social and strategic cultural inclusion. Only remaining the 4th Wave of Covid-19, again taking the EU (Germany-GB-France-Italy-etc.) as the center. The “failure” of COP26 and the UN’s so-called “climate crisis” agenda 12 Paraguay Phone Number List years ago, when so-called developing nations refused to limit their economic growth.

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