Each of luis garcía’s actions is relevant in the. Digital conversation especially when he shares it directly. With his 2.09 million followers on his. Official twitter account luis garcía has become. One of the most prominent influencers in the world. Of sports. In addition to being a figure for his. Career as an athlete now as a commentator. He has increased his popularity by teaming up with. Other colleagues such as jorge campos the. Mexican goalkeeper with the highest engagement. In mexico that is why each of his actions is relevant in. The digital conversation especially when he shares. It directly with his 2.09 million followers on his official. Twitter account as happened when he expressed his. Support for the argentine national team. Heading to the cup russia world cup 2018. The reason a somewhat predictable advertising. Campaign hand in hand with snickers. The chocolate firm joins the brands. That seek at any cost to. Be related to the world cup.

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Best option to start More than 3.2 billion people watched at least one minute of a match at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the Austria B2b List predecessor of Russia 2018, according to figures provided by FIFA. This is an outstanding indicator for brands, as they know that it is a showcase with incomparable exposure that they only have every four years, so they give their all in their strategies. Snickers is the latest brand to resort to being associated with the World Cup, fueled by the former footballer’s popularity. It is not the only brand that has approached the commentator, it also promoted Corona from its social networks, immersed in the world of travel promotions

To the World Cup a Strategy That Companies With High Economic

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Resources always apply, which in the end work. with the consumer. These are completely opposed to campaigns that are committed to creativity, as in the case of Cerveza Victoria, which yesterday drew attention under the hashtag #LoChingónDeRusia. The campaign has been a focus of attention for users of social networks and media, since it refers to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, using precisely his last name to replace the word that is usually shouted in the stadium, left in Ehhhhhh, Putin !!!

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