which could be corroborated in the Mozambique Email List development of the debates. Despite attempts by the US to reaffirm its hegemony and the adverse conditions created by its aggressive policy, ALBA members were also politically victorious in the face of great challenges: Charisma scored a resounding victory in the regional and local Mozambique Email List elections in November, the Sandi Nismo received the ratification of the Nicaraguan preference with the re-election to the presidency of Daniel Ortega, Cuba defeated a savage destabilizing onslaught, with the clear Mozambique Email List aim of achieving the soft coup and regime change, and Bolivia defeated the coup.

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Inspired by the ideas of Fidel and Chávez, ALBA Mozambique Email List was born to promote solidarity, complementarity, and the unity and integration of our America. The Cuban leader had passionately argued 25 years earlier about this need in his first visit to Caracas after the triumph of the Mozambique Email List Revolution: “How long are we going to remain in lethargy? Until when are we going to be defenseless pieces of a continent whose liberator conceived as something more dignified, greater? How long are Latin Americans going to be living in this petty and ridiculous Mozambique Email List atmosphere? How long are we going to remain divided? How long are we going to be victims of powerful interests that are cruel to each of our peoples?


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When are we going to launch the great union Mozambique Email List slogan? The slogan of unity is launched within the nations, The XX Summit issued a final declaration that adopts a post-covid-19 action plan that, according to its executive secretary Sacha Llorenti, includes a repositioning in the world proclaiming the defense of international law and the principles of the UN Charter: the self-determination, non-interference, sovereignty and peace, as Mozambique Email List well as the denunciation of unilateral coercive measures, blockades and the judicialization of politics. Likewise, the relaunch of Alba’s economic, commercial and financial agenda. The decision to reactivate the technical tables Mozambique Email List on economic, trade and finance matters is part of this objective.

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