The far-left party Po demos emphasized: “In the face of a wave of LGBT phobia, including assaults and even murders, Snickers can think of no better idea than to make a trashy commercial that tells you that you are not yourself when you are effeminate”. In 2007, Snickers also had to remove the homophobic ad “ Love Boat ” from their website.

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Charles Cavour – Comte Ils Disent (France, 1972) 151.337 views, 88 comments, 97.7% like ratio (with almost 1,800 likes). This may seem like an oddball because it’s not directly about marketing. However, I have developed this formula from my research: Representation -> visibility -> normalization -> tolerance -> acceptance -> respect . Entertainment also plays France Phone Number  an important role in this journey . What Netflix now implicitly does with the vast majority of their productions, Aznavour already did in 1972 with this song. Giving a podium to alternatives to house-tree-beast.

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He was a brilliant and respected artist who sang in 9 languages ​​and recorded over 1,200 songs over a 70-year period. He amazed France with this touching, realistic chanson about a window dresser who dances in the evenings as a transvestite in a nightclub. Charles sang about his relationship with his mother, his friends and his sad love life. “I was the first in France to write a song about homosexuality,” he later said. “I wanted to write about the specific problems my gay friends were dealing with. And I could see that things were different for them, that they were marginalized.”

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