The influencer marketing industry will be. Worth 10 billion dollars by 2020 and instagram. Will be the platform that will have the leadership. Since it is reviewed daily by. 400 million users according to mediakix. From the perspective of influencers instagram. Is the social network to bet on this year. Research by hashoff published by marketingprofs. Revealed that 93 percent of respondents say. Instagram is the social network they focused. On in 2017 and 82 percent predicted they. Would focus on it in 2018. There are several types that companies can bet. On such as power creators. People who are dedicated to creating content. Their characteristic is that they emerged as a. “Common” user for which they have a. More organic communication.

This Is the Case of Liz Lescieur, Who Is Dedicated to Giving

Advice on looks and describes herself as Digital Creative. How to keep in touch with co-workers while working remotely. She has more than 51,000 followers on Instagram and a blog where she posts fashion tips. The Germany Business Fax List influencer highlights the page on her Instagram profile, promoting Microsoft.

But Teaches Marketers a Valuable Lesson on What Not to

Germany Business Fax List

Do as a brand ambassador: neglect the details . This character makes her publications from. A macbook air as you can see in the following. Image:if microsoft really works with it. Then the error also happens to. The brand since it should have more. Control over what it publishes.

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