These are just some of the adjectives that history has placed. On the name of Salvador dale a Spanish painter sculptor engraver. Set designer and writer born on may 11 but in 1904. In addition to his famous pieces of surrealist art an iconic mustache. And a particular look the artist left a legacy that you should know. We celebrate his 111th birthday, highlighting some of his genius. Suck, suck… Few people know that the logo of the famous chutzpah chips lollipop. Was designed by Salvador dalí. That’s right that yellow flower with the red letters is the product. Of his restless mind who according to the candy’s official website. Gave the product its identity in 1988, the Spanish brand turned to the artist. To maintain the carefree and cheerful style. That had already characterized the first sweet palette in history.

However, He Is a Pioneer in Using This Clever Fusion of Colors

In a product. The brand’s first campaign that used the Dalí logo was accompanied by the slogan in Catalan “Es rode i dura molt, Chutzpah Chups”, which translates as “It’s round and lasts a long time, Chupa Ch ups”. Lollipop History the mustaches When thinking about the North Korea B2b List most famous mustaches in history, Dalí’s mustache is undoubtedly an obligatory reference. His image challenged the status quo, broke with the patterns of the time and it was, to a large extent, these phenomena that built a myth around his person. He was attractive to the media and an easy target for critics who claimed that his personality and image were greater than his artistic genius. The genius, born in the Spanish city of Figueres.

Managed to Develop a Visual Code and a Characteristic Style

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That defined his work and distinguished it from the general production of the time. Not only did his work in front of the canvas put him in a special place in the history of art. His sometimes narcissistic, sometimes megalomaniac personality appealed to public opinion. Fact that he contributed to the construction of the myth. Despite this, Salvador Dalí is considered one of the most influential artists of the last century. His work has been exhibited in the great capitals of art, his impact on the cultural world was not limited to the plastic arts, since he also left a legacy in literature and cinema. 5 Dalinian phrases The artist captured his way of thinking beyond his oneiric works. On the level of reality, his thought, consistent with his genius.

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