Technology is the key to staying in the here and now. If you are reading this text it is because you surely survived the digital change. Some brands are on the verge of not getting it. The needs of contemporary life require brands to transform and renew. Their products at increasingly dizzying speeds. The technological product that you have just acquired is likely to be replaced. In the market in a couple of months by an updated edition. Of the same or one of the competition that improves some of its functions. Some products have already remained in the past finding them could. Represent a task worthy of a treasure and antique hunter and owning some. Of them makes us owners of authentic museum pieces. Calculators mechanical and electrical typewriters and cameras. The exit from the market of these implements also represented the fall of companies that.

Kodak a New Study on Teleworking Tells Us About the Importance

Of Mondays The century-old photographic and optical equipment and supplies company, Kodak brought photography into everyday life. He developed cameras and photographic films, mainly, which he marketed since 1888. With the aggressive arrival of digital photography, the Iran B2b List company lost one of its most important businesses, that of the sale of film rolls and printing kiosks. The losses for the company reached the point of leaving it, almost completely, out of the competition. He undertook the manufacture of digital photography equipment without much success to face his opponents Canon, Nikon and Sony. After its bankruptcy in 2010, the brand seeks to return.

To the Battle and for This It Undertook a Restructuring Process

Iran B2b List

In march of last year at the hands of CEO Jeff Clarke who has a career in companies. Such as hp and compare corporation Polaroid in 1937. The commercialization of the products devised after years. Of technological developments by the American scientist and inventor. Edwin h. Land would begin without a doubt his greatest contribution. To photography amazed society in 1947, when he presented a device. That revealed and printed an image in 1 minute: the world would. See instant photography for the first time this product was the company’s flagship. For years until in 2007, with the arrival. Of digital photography it announced that it would stop manufacturing. The necessary film for its equipment.

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