According to emarketer mobile advertising investment. Will represent half of digital investments in the region. With a share that will go from 52.9 percent. This year to 77.5 percent in the next four years. During 2018 the investment in digital media is projected to. Be 10.01 billion dollars within which the. Relevance will be native content as well as premium. Editorials; in this sense mexico is the third country. That invests the most in advertising. In the region the study “Latin american ad spending. Summary” carried out by emarketer with contributions from. Teads states that mobile advertising investment. Will represent half of the digital investments of latin american. Companies with a share that will go from 52.9 percent. This year to 77.5 percent in the next four years. Likewise he indicated that latin america the fourth. Largest advertising market at the international. Level will concentrate 6.1 percent of the world’s.


Even When It Is Pointed Out That the Sector in the Region

Continues to be predominantly traditional. With a participation of 73.7 percent. Equivalent to 28.30 billion dollars well above. The global average of 56.5 percent; the landscape marks. A trend towards digital advertising with. Mobile and native video content as one of its. Priorities regarding the preferred types of advertising in. The digital sector the Switzerland Business Fax List report specified that. Brands see an opportunity in videos considering that. There is an audience of around 284.1 million people. Who opt for this format in the region. In this way the demand by companies to generate. Content optimized for mobiles increased by. Almost 82 percent in the last year.

With This in Mind It Is Worth Noting That Advertising Content

Switzerland Business Fax List

As well as premium editorial have proven. To be more relevant and interesting than any other. Type of social news platform in addition to the. Fact that 8 out of 10 ads of this type. Of native content are performs better than other types. Of ads resulting in a better relationship between the. Investment and the benefit that brands obtain. With their advertising in the case of mexico it is the third. Country that invests the most in advertising. This year (4.77 billion dollars, below argentina with 6.24 billion dollars), as well.

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