I don’t want to dwell on something I’m going to say goodbye to anyway. That makes sense, but I think it’s valuable to be very aware of a transition South Africa Phone Number List through rituals. A change. By giving space to all the feeling that comes with saying goodbye, positive or negative, I know that I always approach a new situation with more peace of mind.

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Remind me, and you if you feel called upon, to embrace rituals more. About the book Patterns At first, I was quite put off by part of the title ‘recognizing and changing with an anthropological view’. Is it some kind of textbook? No definitely not. From the first page, I was captivated by Braun’s stories. It reads like a charm and besides that, I really learned a lot of new things about patterns.

South Africa Phone Number List
South Africa Phone Number List

Highly recommended for anyone who is working on change: in themselves or an organization. And for everyone who likes very nice stories. You order it via Managementboek.nl (affiliate). What role do rituals play in your (work) life? I am very curious: what role do rituals play in your (work) life? If you think about it for a moment you will see that there are more than you think.

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