s a lot more difficult. Product value As you may know, the commissions within affiliate marketing are not always very large. With physical products you should think of 3% – 10%. With products of several Ivory Coast Phone Number tens, this can quickly add up, especially with high volumes of traffic. But it doesn’t help with cheap products of a few euros. Competition Lots of competition doesn’t have to be a reason not to try it. But for your first affiliate project, it is not wise to choose a highly competitive niche. How do you know if there is a lot of competition?

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One way to determine this is by doing keyword research and looking at the ‘keyword difficulty’ of the most important search terms. This previous article on Frank watching explains how you can conduct keyword research yourself. With tools like Rushmore or Ah refs you can easily Ivory Coast Phone Number see how high the competition is on certain keywords. The lower the number, the easier it is to score. competition example Rushmore In the 3rd column you can see the difficulty for each keyword. With tools like Rushmore or Ah refs you can easily see how high the competition is on certain keywords. Niches where competition is generally very high are: loans, crypts, LPNs and gambling.

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This does not have to be a problem, many people manage an (affiliate) website initially as a hobby. But if you want to make a lot of money, product value is a good metric to take into account. Type of search traffic You have different types of search terms. I always categorize these myself in one Ivory Coast Phone Number of the following 3 categories: Transnational : the user wants to buy/purchase something. Informative : the user is looking for information, but has no immediate intention to buy something. Orientation : The user probably wants to buy something, but still needs help making a decision.

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