Booking a trip has become a lot more uncertain. It would be great if companies could act as a safety net and remove uncertainties. Finally, you see that in the social debate, customers expect more from companies than just a nice purpose talk. They should take a stand.” It’s a crazy paradox: you as a customer will spend the most time on the company that can save the most time for you.

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Companies are used to focusing on their own objectives, and then looking at how this can be brought to the customer. Turn that around and ask yourself: what is the Mexico WhatsApp Number List most scarce good that the customer has? Most people want more time, money, energy. If you as a company agree with this, keep asking yourself whether what you offer also fits. Look at new trends and technology, from that perspective you offer much more value.

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Would you like to know more about Steven van Belleghem’s vision on the future of customer contact? Watch the entire interview. Watch the interviews with the other thought leaders here . Open Up Digitals is a series of video interviews with thought leaders from the world of digital transformation and the digital workplace. Keynote speaker and trend watcher Lieke Lamb speaks with an impressive line-up of top experts from Europe.

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