obtained thanks to monumental money Chile Phone Number List laundering. massive for which he was convicted. A scandalous affair that was neither the first, nor will it possibly be the last. In Switzerland, where the banks are lords and masters, finance capital plays an essential role. And the national identification with its financial entities seems to be in the Swiss genes themselves. In October 2008, at the worst of the previous global Chile Phone Number List financial crisis, the result of the collapse of the US housing bubble (the subprime mortgage crisis), UBS and Credit Suisse, the country’s second largest bank, staged their own bankruptcy. Victims of their high-risk Chile Phone Number List strategy in the US market, both institutions seemed destined for irreversible death.

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However, and without prior parliamentary Chile Phone Number List consultation, on October 16 of that same year, the Swiss Government and the Swiss National Bank announced a plan to save UBS from the shipwreck: the State allocated 6,000 million francs – about 6,600 million dollars – To restore the funds of the bank itself and the Central Bank approved 54,000 million dollars so that it could transfer the Chile Phone Number List illiquid securities (that is, fallen from grace) to a special fund pending better times to be able to resell them. However, those banking scandals that they star in at the international level and from which they seem to always come out well, do not dent the iron institutionality of UBS and its Swiss Chile Phone Number List peers, such as Credit Suisse.


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These corporations risk because they feel strong Chile Phone Number List and protected, almost unpunished. They are part of the great gear of Swiss, European and world daily power. And they know that, when the potatoes burn, they will be able to count on the State, which will mobilize the necessary funds – coming from the taxes that its own citizens contribute – to put as many poultices as necessary to calm the annoyances caused Chile Phone Number List by their fraudulent, illegal or speculative private investments. “He has more laps than a dog to lie down” … the laps do not finish defining what to do or not do; popular sayings have that fine irony to define human behavior. In time even the language changes, before they called it “pichicho” … now,

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