Narrative for children educated at Disney Philippines Phone Number List World and for adults who value faith over reason: the world is reduced to the fight of Good against Evil and we are the guardians of Good, of manifest Destiny. As always, myths are loaded with strategic oversights. It was Philippines Phone Number List not even the longest conflict, since only the war of plunder, not of the tribe but of the Seminole Nation, lasted from 1816 to the middle of the 19th century. Before becoming a soccer team mascot, the Seminoles were true heroes in a veritable war of defense against the Philippines Phone Number List dispossession of their territory in Florida and against an abysmal difference in military power.

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Like other peoples dispossessed and Philippines Phone Number List massacred by Anglo-Saxon fanaticism, they were considered savages (terrorists) who, according to President Andrew “Kill Indians” Jackson’s 1832 Union speech, “attacked us first without our provoking them”. On Philippines Phone Number List August 31, 2021, President Joe Biden announced the “end of the war on terror.” (Naturally, as we wrote twenty years ago, the business of war will shift to the Far East. There will be a Second Cold War in cyberspace, not without the fires of the first). As no American president can speak of love but of Sargood old Biden, with a very Obama style, has warned: “Let me make it very clear: if you seek to harm the Philippines Phone Number List United States… you should know that we will never forgive you. We will not forget it.


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We will persecute you to the ends of the Earth and you will Philippines Phone Number Listpay for your offense ”. A verbatim copy of the warnings to remember and punish the defenses and offenses of others that are read by thousands in the annals of history for the last two hundred years. Only the “War on Philippines Phone Number List Terrorism” hides the roots of the problem in the same way as the “War on Drugs”, designed, according to its authors, to criminalize Blacks and Latinos. (Beijing has also used that ideological “War on Terrorism” to justify the violation of the human rights of the Uighur people). The name “War on Terror” and the obligation not to forget conceal a systematic Philippines Phone Number List forgetfulness,

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