Against the prolongation of historical Cyprus Phone Number List dependence, against low self-esteem, present in the elites of backwardness, and against oligopoly of the media, ideological arm of the ruling class, heir to the Big House. We are convinced that this suffered destructive chaos will pass and will be transformed into a promising Cyprus Phone Number List generative chaos of a new order, higher, more just, fraternal and lifelong caretaker, in short, of a Brazil in which we will have joy in live and coexist, where the loving kindness and joviality that characterize the Cyprus Phone Number List best of ourselves will be easier. The developed North does not tire of repeating that corruption is the main problem that slows the growth of the South.

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However, they are exponents of the great global Cyprus Phone Number List financial capital based in Europe or the United States, who, often, must sit in the dock. It is then that this rhetorical construction falls like a house of cards in the face of irrefutable evidence: corruption and impunity are the foundations of a world hegemonic system and not of a specific continent. A French Court of Appeal has just confirmed Cyprus Phone Number List the conviction against the Swiss bank UBS (Union de Bancos Suizos), for having actively encouraged thousands of French investors to open accounts with the Helvetic Confederation to avoid paying taxes in their country of origin. According to the verdict of December 13, this giant Zurich-based financial Cyprus Phone Number List corporation systematically incited, between 2004 and 2012,


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French clients to hide their money in Switzerland. The ruling Cyprus Phone Number List forces the largest Swiss bank in the country and one of the most powerful in the world – with some 300 branches in 50 countries – to pay a fine of 1.8 billion euros. The most impressive figure for this type Cyprus Phone Number List of sentence, despite the fact that it represents less than half of the 4,500 million that a French court in first instance imposed on him initially. Along with the initial fine, five of the six bank leaders who were accused of the events received suspended prison terms of six to 18 months, and fines of 50,000 to 300,000 euros. According to the first ruling of the High Court of Paris, in February 2019 and in accordance with the request of the Cyprus Phone Number List national Financial Prosecutor’s Office,

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