Just one day before the second season of Stranger. You to waste time watching it and for this it even. Offers you a receipt to miss work or squalor. Last year Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and company became a phenomenon in the world of entertainment and marketing, this Friday they premiere season for which the Los Gatos company seeks to repeat the success. Stranger Things was not only a hit for its nostalgia that reminds us of the eighties, but also because the characters generated a deep engagement with the audience. That is why Netflix has been promoting a major marketing campaign in several countries for months.

The Jewel in the Crown Among the Marketing Actions Undertaken

In Mexico (we saw Chilindrina and Fox), is the proof that Netflix offers so that fans can stay to see the Buy Finland Whatsapp Numbers premiere of the second season of Stranger Things this Friday. Through a publication on their Facebook account. They published the photo of the document. With which fans “will be able to justify” their absence from work or school because they stayed watching the series. The image has already had a significant reaction from users, more than 20 thousand Reactions, 7 thousand times shared and more than 3 thousand comments.


However, It Should Be Noted That a Large Part of the Comments

From users are related to the increase in the service. Rate -which, by the way. Many ask that there be no increase. Others are willing to accept it but only. If the quality of the catalog improves (compared to that of the United States). Community Managers team has tried to. Give a positive response to most of these comments.

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