A few months ago, Apple announced its willingness to invest more than a billion dollars to create its own Over The Top (OTT) streaming platform, to enter the battle against Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Later, it transpired that they hired the film director, Steven Spielberg, to take charge of their entertainment content for the future platform. The latest reports from Recode pointed out that Apple was paying 10-episode productions of 50 million dollars per episode , in addition to the fact that at some point in 2018 it would make its streaming platform known to the public. According to Bloomberg, Apple made it clear when remaking the 80s show “Amazing Stories” that its production line would be conservative somewhat. Apparently, Apple plans to launch its first projects with a different programming and not similar.

The Successes of Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad or the Walking

Dead, that is, no adult scenes, extreme violence, crude language or content that reminds of some of these productions, that is, the company seeks to Buy Italy Whatsapp Numbers focus on family content. According to Bloomberg, Apple would consider such. The entertainment focus that Apple is betting. On for now are “emotional” comedies and dramas, such as “This Is Us” and “Amazing Stories”, old NBC productions , whose rights already belong to the Cupertino, California-based company.

Although Apple’s Ideas Seem to Be Different From Those of the

Entertainment industry, analysts believe that. They are actually “conservative” ideas. Returning to old formulas that could derail. The company’s attempt to enter the world of programming. on demand. And it is that it was Tim Cook himself who delayed. The launch of his television program. “Carpool Karaoke”, for not agreeing with “coarse. Language and references to hygiene”. Which makes one believe that the CEO of Apple is involved in the programming of what will be your OTT.

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