New zealand reduce speed dial is the latest innovation from the manufacturer volkswagen. With the aim of promoting safer driving to carry it out. The car company asked several children to ‘design’ a speed control panel. For their parents’ vehicle, in order to visually remind them not to go outside. The permitted limits when stepping on the throttle. This experiment had four families in new zealand as protagonists. Who had this new handmade speedometer installed in their volkswagen golf cars. This was in fact completely personalized by the children of each driver. From the numbers to the inclusion of a special message. The idea was that it would be permanently visible and, in this way. The driver would not incur excessive. Speed by always keeping his loved ones in mind.

The Result of This Experiment Was Extraordinary and in Fact

The families that participated modified certain behaviors behind the wheel. Not surprisingly, one of the families did not commit any violations after installing this custom control panel; another considerably reduced its maximum speed by up to 19km/hour; and, even, the Vatican City B2b List maximum speeds of the majority of the participating drivers decreased. In addition to the video, Volkswagen has created a microsite explaining how this action recorded.

In the New Zealand City of Auckland Under the Direction of Luke

Vatican City B2b List

Bouchier took place. According to the German manufacturer, the design of the speedometer was possible thanks to an application installed on a tablet through which children gave free rein to their imagination with the purpose of getting their parents to think of them when they intended to exceed your road speed.

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