You are 17 years old and you want to start a new study program at a college or university in a few months. But because of corona you can’t visit open days. There are also no follow-up days or trial study activities. What is important in order to make a good study choice? Then you want to get in touch with students online.

But Newsroom Is Not a Thing

Study choice in corona time From Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences , we know from experience that prospective students need direct contact with current students, to hear the story and Germany WhatsApp Number List experience about the program and to ask questions of someone who is currently studying. Study voters are looking for confirmation whether the study program or school is right for them.

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If you Newsroom Is Not a Thing

That is why student ambassadors of the program are always present on open days. Due to corona, these offline information activities have disappeared, while the need for contact with peers has become greater and more important. Study voters have become more insecure due to the corona crisis. You can facilitate contact between student and prospective student online in all kinds of different ways.

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