Authoritarian drift is not the heritage of Portugal Email Lists any particular group on the political or ideological spectrum. The new caudillismo’s seek to demolish the institutional structures, limiting the control capacity of the other counterpowers, especially the judicial and the legislative. Its Portugal Email Lists strategy is expressed in various ways: strengthening of caudillista leaderships, attack on the media and growing contempt for institutions. Added to this are other mechanisms, increasingly active, such as information control, especially on the Internet and social networks, to abort the protests of Portugal Email Lists non-organized and non-aligned sectors. In almost two years of the pandemic.

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Pre-existing economic-social and Portugal Email Lists political-institutional problems deepened. The persistence of structural problems (fueled by the bad economic-social situation and accelerated by the pandemic) and the strategies of the new emerging political actors that have Portugal Email Lists broken or have moved away from the traditional political-institutional consensus and loyalty to the system, are exposing the weaknesses of Latin American democracies. In the absence of consolidated social or party bases, the caudillos seek support from other organizations and institutions. Among these Portugal Email Lists supports stands out that of the Armed Forces.


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which due to their level of organization Portugal Email Lists and broad presence, are not only being used for classic functions such as citizen security, but in countries such as Brazil and El Salvador they are fulfilling another more political role. . Latin America was going through and continues in a period of high levels of criticism of the way democracy exists and works, the disappointment justified by its malfunction in Portugal Email Lists each country. At the same time, social networks play a role as speaker and amplifier of tension and polarization. As a consequence of this situation and the crisis of the political parties, citizens are looking for other alternatives to solve their demands (corruption, economic Portugal Email Lists problems and citizen security).

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