Elements placed on the business card should not be located directly at the edge. Not only does it disturb the composition of the project, but at the same time there is a possibility of accidentally cutting off the graphic composition. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep a safe space on all sides – 3 to 5 mm from the bleed. Before starting the design, you should also change the color mode from RGB to CMYK , the space in which the printing devices work. Thanks to this, the colors on the printouts will reflect the colors visible in the project on the computer monitor. The resolution of the design for printing should be at least 300 dpi. How to design a business card? The reception of a business card is influenced by both the visual layer and the form and type of paper.

Typically a business card will contain the owner’s name

Job title, company name and logo, industry, company address. And contact details  phone, email. Wbsite, in traditional or QR code form. The Ghost Mannequin Effect most important element is the logo, which is placed in the upper left corner. Other important information is your name and position. Contact details are provided below. Business cards can be designed in Corel Draw or in programs from the Adobe group – Photoshop and Illustrator . The free option is GIMP, which is usually used for private projects. The basis of a successful business card in any case is readability. Remember to keep the spacing between characters and line spacing. The use of a maximum of 3 colors will help to maintain stylistic unity.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Also the number of fonts used should not exceed

This number. Graphics placed on the business card should have a resolution of 300-500 dpi. Preparing a business card for printing – final touches Convert Mailing Data Pro all fonts to curves before sending the design to the printer. In a situation where the project contains elements such as gradients or shadows, it is best to turn the graphics into bitmaps. It’s a good idea to save the entire file in PDF or TIFF format .You can wrap a car to mask paint damage, change its color, prepare it for sports competitions, but mainly wrapping is used for advertising purposes. Thanks to this, the car informs other drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians about the existence of the brand during all its journeys and encourages them to buy products or use services. How to wrap a car if we want to use it for promotional purposes Car wrapping private.

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