In a recent post published on the official. Volkswagen facebook account. Soft drink brand jarritos. Volkswagen is perhaps one of the few. Foreign brands that has managed to generate. Such a level of empathy with consumers that. And loved as if it were national. It is enough to recognize the findings of an investigation signed by Insights 4 Less, which indicates that Volkswagen is the most loved car brand in Mexico (59.5 percent), located above Nissan (47.8 percent), Honda (46.6 percent ) and Chevrolet (46.4 percent).

It Has for the Consumer, the Brand Is Not Willing to Leave

Loose ends and, for some months, it seems to be betting on a strategy in which it seeks to Buy Senegal Whatsapp Numbers associate its image and products with other commercial firms that are widely recognized by Mexican audiences. Post published on the official Facebook. Account of the automotive brand. In which it alludes to the popular Mexican. Soft drink brand Jarritos.

In Said Publication Three Glass Bottles Are Observed That

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Emulate the containers of the aforementioned. Mexican soft drink where the traditional. And the brand name by the word “Vochitos”. The clip closes with the use of colours. Typography and the reference to the slogan “Jarritos, how good they are”.

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