And if you’re still organizing your agenda: plan time for e-mail as well. Your inbox should not guide your working day. Change your work-from-home Ivory Coast Phone Number List routine And do you still work from home a lot after the summer? Then see if you can add these 3 things to your routine.

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Start your day with a fresh start First set up (or tidy up) your workplace Change your breaks: maybe a different work rhythm works better for you? Sunglasses off, computer glasses on. You are ready! Do you have any tips for a good start after the holidays? Share it in the comments below. A little more in-depth? Working fast and smart is easier said than done.

Ivory Coast Phone Number List
Ivory Coast Phone Number List

Could you use some extra handles? Discover in 1 hour how to organize your working week efficiently and purposefully and get ready for a good and relaxed start after your holiday! Knowing more? Read 1 comment! Others also read Avoid disappointment, plans for your working day are there to adjust The hidden costs of lack of accountability.

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