Original, but an idea or a style is not copyrighted. But on its implementation. Most photos are therefore subject to copyright. The more generic the photo, the lower the protection. But this mainly ensures that others are allowed to take a comparable photo, without infringing copyright. It is never a reason to use.

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The names of all makers are also always missing here and there is too little context for a quote. Nothing has been added in such a way that we can speak of a parody. If you look at the last post you will see the similarities: canoe, feet, view. But the view is always different, the feet and their Canada WhatsApp Number List position are always different, each time a different canoe, different lighting and processing and always just a different cut-out.

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Freedom of expression.

Each photo therefore has its own copyright. Publishing it in this way is an infringement of copyright. With permission everything is allowed Many of these ‘problems’ can of course be solved by getting permission. Many people think that this takes too much time, so they don’t do it. Or they find it annoying that they sometimes don’t get permission or just don’t hear anything anymore.

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