which game mechanics go with it is the Octalysis framework for human motivation by game scientist Yu-Kai Chou. This schematically shows the 8 main Russia Phone Number List motivations of humans (or: the 8 main reasons why people get out of bed in the morning). Each of these drives has specific game mechanics. Octalysis gamification framework.

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Yu-kai Chou’s Octalysis gamification framework (via ResearchGate ) You don’t have to memorize this model completely, but it definitely pays to take a good look at it with your target audience in mind. This helps you, together with your gamification party, to make the right choices from the game mechanics that you are going to use and to skip unnecessary game mechanics.

Russia Phone Number List
Russia Phone Number List

Keep a budget for the promotion and create support A well-designed game-based solution is, by definition, fun and motivating. But then your students, employees, customers, or colleagues must know that it is there. That sounds logical, but the (internal) promotion of a tool is often neglected. In many cases, people even forget to set a budget for this, with the risk that few people actually play.

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