This social targeting was adopted in Mali Email Lists Colombia, to replace the policies of “universalization” given its low impact and the distortions that it caused by favoring equally people without deficiencies with those who do. Law 60 of 1993, in its article 30, defined social targeting as a strategy for the allocation of public spending on Mali Email Lists social public services, assigning to the Social Cones the definition of technical criteria for the identification, selection of beneficiaries and allocation of public social spending . Later, Cones 022 of 1994 defined the instruments to target social spending financed with intergovernmental transfers and fixed the type of instruments that should be used for the Mali Email Lists different types of expenses.

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In the case of “geographic targeting,” the Mali Email Lists following tools were established: (i) socioeconomic stratification; (ii) poverty maps by NBI; (iii) inventories of subnormal neighborhoods with socioeconomic information and physical characteristics of areas excluded from usual records; and (iv) eventually, the housing census and the records of the public services companies to identify the housing Mali Email Lists deficit. Regarding individual targeting, Cones Social 022 established the following instruments: (i) the Household Socioeconomic Classification Sheet, Families or Individuals, which consisted of a questionnaire that was applied to households, families or individuals to obtain information related to employment, income Mali Email Lists and characteristics of the home.


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(ii) epidemiological records; and (iii) the INURBE methodologies. Likewise, said Mali Email Lists Cones suggested that the choice between geographic or individual targeting instruments be made based on the type of program and information limitations. In this way, it was defined that geographic targeting Mali Email Lists instruments should be used for infrastructure and endowment programs, home public services and environmental sanitation, while for programs that required delivery of subsidies to demand (such as health and education), it should be targeted individually. In 1997, Copes Social 040 ratified the criteria of Cones Social 022, while consolidating the instrument for individual Mali Email Lists targeting SISBEN [1].

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