It is interesting to observe this parallelism Jamaica Email List between those who promote the extension of the useful life of devices as an ecological practice and those who bet on democratizing access to technology and knowledge, in a metaphorical feedback between the culture of Jamaica Email List reuse and the progressive techno militancy that it promotes Rights. There is also a confluence of concepts in relation to feminism. The initiatives that try to mitigate the negative effects of the massive consumption of technology, harmonize with the proposals of feminist economics, cyberfeminism and Jamaica Email List ecofeminism, with their ways of sustaining life more anchored in nature and in life cycles,

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than in extraction and disposal, conceiving Jamaica Email List resources as common goods and on which a collective and community responsibility falls. A whole paradigm shift. Is work for sustainability sustainable? Waste treatment policies collaborate with environmental Jamaica Email List sustainability. But are the waste treatment experiences sustainable? Most stakeholders mention sustainability as a problem. The costs of recovery and recycling do not cover the costs of proper waste management. Responsible consumption does not affect the transformation of this reality Jamaica Email List either. “Refurbished” is not yet in these lands a diffused and valued seal or attribute in technological devices.


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At the same time, there are Jamaica Email List strategic tasks that nobody wants to pay for – the removal of disused devices, for example – that require the support and financing of the state (in case profitability is not guaranteed), understanding waste management as a public service and also as an economic activity. “But not only the State,” says Protomastro, specialist in WEEE management. 12 “We Jamaica Email List must achieve a standard that involves all the values ​​of the chain, because it is a problem that we all generate and therefore we must all participate in the solution. Neither free hand of the market nor compulsive obligation to manufacturers. The solution lies in shared responsibility ”, said the Jamaica Email List specialist. conclusion Access to a device that allows communication remains a right not guaranteed to all of society.

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