If you claim to reduce the workload, work with an easy registration procedure for a meeting. Get a good ‘magician’ Arrange for an event facilitator with the right prestige, who is accepted by everyone as a master of ceremonies. Timing is Slovenia Phone Number List essential. You organize a fusion party if you are sure that you will merge and there is clarity for the people who will no longer be given a new place.

Hybrid Work do much more

Not in the heat of battle when things still need to be negotiated. Rituals and stories Rituals and stories go hand in hand. Rituals, therefore, prepare your brain for a change and stories indicate the course. The new direction. Stories seduce and soften. A story about where you want to go with the new organization or a story about recovery after your illness in your personal life do much more than a policy document or presentation with 30 bullet points.

Slovenia Phone Number List
Slovenia Phone Number List

The new situation with more peace of mind I wanted to highlight this part of the book because I think we’re going too fast. At least I often do. Am I still thinking enough about what I leave behind? What situations, people or behavior do I say goodbye to? I want to continue. Looking forward.

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