A perfect demonstration of the blowfly effect. That behavior steers without penalty or reward, knowledge or attitude, pathos or purpose . Do you also fall into this trap? Online marketer or brand strategist, policy maker or fundraiser, we all have one goal: to change behaviour. In doing so, we often fall into the mental trap of proportionality bias . A big challenge requires a big solution, we think.

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Yet it often works exactly the other way around . When the small standard tick next to ‘maximum borrowing’ was removed, this had major consequences for student debts. And when Schiphol painted Italy WhatsApp Number List that famous mini fly in the urinals, the cleaning costs dropped enormously. Behavioral scientist Dr Eva van den Broek and I called our book on such phenomena ‘ The bluebottle effect’ (affiliate).

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You Out One as an Employee

The self-deception fly This is why blowfly effects work: people don’t know themselves nearly as well as they think. That is why they often give wrong answers in market research. And they unconsciously contribute to all kinds of influencing behaviour. An example of this are placebos. You know the medical form: no active ingredients, yet less pain.

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