Kickass content ideas for social media Kirsten Jassies Kick-ass. Content for social media book cover.A smartphone, creativity and guts is all you need to become kick-ass. On social media. In this book Kirsten Jassies shares handy lists. Tips and many examples to tell the best stories on social media. Eric van de Berg already shares 11 useful apps. That you can use for content creation in his review of the book . 8. DIY Guru How do you get more out of your.

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Find out for yourself! – Raymond de Looze DIY Guru book cover.Raymond de Looze discusses 12 themes in DIY Guru that teach you what drives you, how to get more out of yourself and your career and how to strengthen your relationships with others. Kim Pot discusses one of those themes Albania WhatsApp Number List as a foretaste in her review , namely: pleasant confrontation. ‘De Looze provides a lot of (background) information, tips and exercises with which you can experiment and develop yourself.

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In my opinion highly recommended, because. The discussed themes are relevant for every professional. Think of patterns, meaning and happiness and focus. Business model shifts 6 paths to new value creation for customers. Patrick van der Pill, Justin Lubitz, Roland Wined. Maarten van Lie shout Business Model Shifts book cover.  Have adapted their business model. Is that temporary? Or is it smart to break new ground?

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