As the days go by actions increase in terms. Of activations and launches of products and services. For the 2018 world cup in russia; one of them is. The panini albumas the days go by actions. Increase in terms of activations and launches of products. And services for the 2018 world cup in russia. One of them is the panini album the italian. Publisher has the license to be offered as official fifa merchandise. Since its launch it has been all the rage. Among fans of one of the most popular sports in. Mexico: soccer. Children and adults invest about 2. Thousand pesos in it since the hardcover. Edition is priced at 99 pesos while each envelope. Costs 14 pesos which includes 5 stamps; it is a. Total of 682 therefore the cost to fill. The album is higher than two thousand pesos.

But Beyond the Economic, the Sentimental Is What Led a Boy

Named Sebastián to beg for help on social networks. More than a hobby: the self-made musician The Dubai Business Fax List small neighbor of the Del Valle neighborhood lost his album at the La Chinampa taqueria, located at 721 Concepción Beistegui Street, according to his father, Ernesto Rubio. After a few hours and the information went.

Viral on Social Networks, Even Replicated by the Media

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The Panini brand contacted Ernesto to communicate a message for little Sebastián. Through his social networks he published: “Hello @ernestomomentum, we know that your son Sebastián is sad to have lost his album… 😔We couldn’t find it, but please tell him not to worry, Uncle Panini left something for Sebastian to continue his collection. 🙌🏼#PrintYourPassion 🇷🇺”

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