Conduct A/B testing A/B testing is comparing and evaluating two different strategies to see which strategy behaves better. In email marketing, this usually refers to design and copy. For example, you might be Greece WhatsApp Number List two different subject lines. You send each subject line to a group and see which yields better open rates. You can then send it to a wider group. When you start, you may only have a few people on your list. However, it’s never too early to start A/B testing. You can even run these experiments with colleagues, friends, and existing clients to collect data.

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Automation flows are pre-programmed sequences of emails that are pre-planned and run in the background. This could be an onboarding process for someone who bought your course, or a win-back process for a Greece WhatsApp Number List who hasn’t purchased in a while. Having an automated process is like having a clone that works for you while you sleep. They take time to plan and build, but after that they are self-sustaining. You can also incorporate automation into your update emails by using smart scheduling features and pre-planning your content.

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It’s better to have a simple white background and basic graphics with valuable content than a well-designed email. Keep it simple with hero images, text, and some product mosaics as needed. Email Greece WhatsApp Number List Strategy – Integrate Automation In the first step, you outline what information to send and to whom. Generally, marketing emails fall into two categories: updates and automated processes. Updates will be weekly newsletters sharing valuable insights from your consulting service or highlighting this week’s clothing specials.