And hybrid working does not only have an impact on knowledge workers. If one colleague works hybrid, everyone works hybrid. With all of these Uruguay Phone Number List things in mind, the physical work environment — be it an office or campus, healthcare facility, or distribution center — is not necessarily the unifying factor for communication, service delivery, collaboration, and organizational culture.

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That is or will be the digital work environment. While Microsoft Teams, like similar tools like Zoom and Slack, has proven its worth in recent months, I’m afraid, like Miller, that Teams alone isn’t enough for hybrid work. Where Teams mainly focus on collaboration — and especially project-based and less open and unstructured collaboration — the digital work environment also includes internal digital services and internal digital communication.

Uruguay Phone Number List
Uruguay Phone Number List

More work outside Office 365 than inside it That’s not to say that you should get rid of Teams. But there seems to be an impression — and Microsoft and its partners are trying. To emphasize that too — that all digital work is moving to Teams. I find it very questionable whether that is a realistic representation of the situation. Because: A teacher works in an electronic learning environment (ELO) or student tracking system.

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