Hang in there for a while. Rituals help to get through the liminal phase. They calm our brains and make us alert and adaptive to new patterns and behavior. You can consciously use rituals when changing. According to Braun, change without magic Romania Phone Number List has no chance. Are you not saying goodbye to a leader? Then you will notice that it seems to the new driver ‘as if there is someone else.

Patterns Are in the seat

You have to smoke out ghosts, otherwise, it will bother you and everyone will still fill in ‘the old timesheets of Henk’. How do you build rituals well? If you want to use rituals for (organizational) change, it is useful to understand how rituals are structured. Rituals are brain-aware Rituals use biological triggers in our tribal ancient limbic brain.

Romania Phone Number List
Romania Phone Number List

We know that if you use elements of humor, love, and sex or references to blood or violence, our brain becomes more alert and remembers better. Include these references in your speeches, slides, invitations, and decorations. Know very well what your goal is What should the ritual tell? Sometimes we do something in organizations because it is fashionable or ‘you have to do something together again.

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