As an online entrepreneur or marketer you probably recognize it: a customer who asks you ‘why are we not doing anything with TikTok yet?’ Those 10 purchases in your AppSumo account that you do nothing with. The conversation in your agenda with a sales rep who will tell you all about the opportunities of chatbots. I also call them shiny beads and mirrors: distractions that look interesting at first glance, but usually do not intrinsically benefit you. Dopamine Victim And I must admit.

You will Per Week to It

Been a victim of the shiny beads syndrome. Because when you are continuously looking for ways to get a little better every day as an entrepreneur or professional, it seems that you are Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List automatically drawn to these types of objects. New is fun. New gives energy. New gives you a dopamine shot. New = work But what we often forget is that everything. That is new also requires a large part of your mental capacity or your own ‘working memory’.

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

Will feel Per Week to It

And you have to get to know a new girlfriend before you know how she really works. We see it in the title of the average Frank watching article: 6 reasons why you should start with chatbots 7 Instagram tips for more engagement Livestream like a pro All understandable titles.

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