Employee wants to leave today, would I do anything to change their mind? Netflix benefits support corporate culture If you only want to hire the most talented colleagues, then of course there must be something in return. Netflix therefore applies the principle of offering the ‘highest market-based salary in the market’. They constantly conduct research into the.

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Netflix know what salary they have been offered. In most traditional companies, a salary increase takes place at one yearly Paraguay WhatsApp Number List moment, which is usually largely predetermine in advance. The salary increase at Netflix is ​​never fixe. If your market value has increased, then it is not strange to proactively get a 30% salary increase.

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They can get huge pay raises initiate by the manager overnight. By proactively offering salary increases, Netflix ensures that they continue to offer the highest market salary. As a result, talent colleagues do not feel the need to explore the possibilities of competitors. At Netflix we are not a family, but a team To us as Dutch people, Netflix’s corporate culture may sound harsh. It probably sounds awful.

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