When awarding the lázaro cárdenas medal to 17 members. Of the national polytechnic institute (ipn). Community president enrique peña nieto. Made another of his characteristic mistakes. He assured: “let us know how to recognize progress. And achievement and contrast it with the. Mexico that we were when the national polytechnic. Pparently mathematics is not his forte. Since 400 or 500 years ago the instance did not exist. Since it was founded 82 years ago (in 1936). Three christmas jobs that will surprise you. Let us remember that another error related to the. “We are one minute away from landing less. About five ” now comedy appears as the protagonist. As politicians in mexico handle it at the level. Of president enrique peña nieto let us. Remember that the mexican president fought. Against the current with the mistakes he made. Since social networks did not take. Long to viralize them.

But His Marketing Team Did Not Take Long to Transform Them

Into elements with a positive impact on his image, making them comical, rather than outrageous. Even President Donald Trump has jumped on the Luxembourg B2b List trend. Laurel or yanny was uploaded. To the viral challenge through.

A Video Published From the Official Profile of the White

Luxembourg B2B List

House in which Melania also appears. The end of the video stands out for Trump’s witty response, returning to one of the most humorous tweets that have characterized him: Cofeve.

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